A final dummy book (Dummy Book 5) was produced, the changes made related to the removal of a weak section and the changing of font sizes. This was done in preparation of approaching Hacketts Printing. On approach and after sufficiently confusing a member of staff that worked at the front desk I was introduced to a member of the print and design team who understood the requirements I had – thankfully because of the experience that had been gained with PlusPrint last year the files I had prepared were correct:

  • PDF Export
  • Full document as well as individual signatures
  • Filenames – myname, numbering
  • Full printer bleed and crop guides

Hacketts provide a one day turnover which is very fast compared with other printers and this was helpful in allowing the binders adequate time to work on the files. The pricing is similar to PlusPrint if not a little cheaper, 3 books (provided flat with no bind) = €50.