The book is finished – as mentioned in an earlier post, not without errors. The binding technique used interfered with one particular spread which was split between the end of one signature and the beginning of the next one. Because the binders use glue to ensure maximum stability of the book this overflow stuck the pages together creating a gutter I had not accounted for in design – as a result the image doesn’t appear in full. This is unfortunate and I’m considering it a learning curve with regards to working with commercial binders.

_MG_0002 _MG_0005







With respect to the end papers being added I decided to introduce a pocket to the front of the book with a tab that was cut out and a ribbon – this allows for a single print/polaroid to be included with the book and is the first introduction the reader get to the project. The cover is untitled to fit with the ambiguity of the book and this first introduction further enhances this.









Overall I’m quite happy with the result and as learning goes much more was gained than was lost.