Duffy’s provide a standard service for binding – thesis etc., as they are easy to access with reasonable prices this made them the best choice for this work. Unfortunately, some compromises needed to be made to the final product. The cover of the book had been designed in a number of colours, I would have preferred to go with yellow but this colour was unavailable and so orange was chosen. Also end papers needed to be added – as I had included these in theĀ  book design I had anticipated that they could be used but this wasn’t not an option – as a result additional papers were added to the front and back of the book.

After receiving the book some elements of the stitching and gluing process had left parts of the images in the gutter. Images of this can be seen in a follow up blog post relating to the final product. In relation to the additional pages a solution was found that created a pocket for a single print to be put into that enhanced the final book.