A group critique is one way of receiving feedback about how the project appears to others. This can be very ¬†useful in gauging if the project ‘reads’ how you intend it to. Input is greatly appreciated in these situations as others within the group will often supply insight which would be impossible to see otherwise.

In this case, advice was given to separate some diptychs as the individual images are strong enough to appear on their own. Image position and size on the page was also queried and a push was given to reproduce the polaroid as true to life size and overall increase the size of the book.

The ambiguity of the title was also questions and a suggestion was given to perhaps insert a subtitle so as to clarify the content. Also advised was to include a drop shadow around the polaroids as this will give them a more tangible appeal,

To do:

  • Make another dummy.
  • Work on artist statement.