Alisha’s work has taken many different forms and this is also reflected in the various collaborations and socially engaged projects that she has participated in. In particular, these are rooted in her commitment to ethical, and educational engagements with the LGBTQ+ community with the aim of understanding and representing the effect of the current social and political landscape on diverse identities and to the sharing of this research with the community it involves.


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In 2016, Alisha was a member of The Exhibitionists Society who co-created an exhibition titled Aunt Sally’s Tea Dance. The exhibition deals with the politics of the archive and the subsequent visibility or invisibility of LGBT identity and queer Ireland. The website developed to present the findings of the groups engagement with the archives, archivists, researchers and curators involved in keeping these histories. The work was focused on ephemera and photographs relating to 'parade' and 'community' to inquire how photography has been used to activate public attention, change public opinion and re-present LGBT movements and much of this material has not been exhibited in the public domain before.