Aunt Sally’s Tea Dance is the first curatorial collaboration of The Exhibitionist Society . The project which is rooted in the politics of the archive and the  visibility issues surrounding LGBT history in Ireland was researched through three archives around Ireland, The Cork LGBT Archive, which is developed by Orla Egan (I travelled to visit and research this archive with Josef Kovac), The Irish Queer Archive, part of the National Photographic Archive (this was researched by other members of the group) and Belfast Exposed.

The website was developed (designed my Josef and I) as a method to best deliver the information that was gathered and learned during the process, however, a launch was also organised to coincide with the website going live. Here’s a quick clip from the launch, where I thank all those involved in the process and introduce Orla to speak about the importance of working in collaborative partnerships with those in other disciplines. You can find more information on Orla’s blog about her views on this partnership and we look forward to pushing the project further in the future.

Aunt Sally’s Tea Dance – Introduction & Welcome to Launch from Alisha Doody on Vimeo.